Stormy Jan, Rainy Feb and finally Spring!

As we go through the seasons of nature and our lives, at Carequilts we often think of milestones of our clients--some have started their journey to wellness, others are half-way through and others have finally completed their treatment. We often hear from our Carequilts recipients who have taken our quilts to their treatment centers! It has brought them warmth, hope and a yearning to complete their treatment and look forward to the next season of life.

Take the time to heal and take care of yourself. After all you are all that you got, right? Spend time with family and friends and create wonderful moments enjoying the little things in life-be it the smell of fresh rain and mud, or the joyful colors of flora and fauna or simply the smell and taste of a hot cup of ginger chai (tea).

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workshop to learn how to finish a quilt...and how to give back your labor of love and care in making someone needing a quilt very happy and grateful!