Good vibes coming along the way

Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. Here at CareQuilts, we are very thankful and grateful to be able to help in our community. Community to us means extended 'family'. Not just the family at the dinner table, or Facebookies, but beyond all that. In these 7 plus years, we have grown to appreciate the finer things in this so called journey of "LIFE".

Take the time to take a walk, enjoy nature, nurture yourself physically, mentally and soulfully. Do something that you are passionate about, pick a hobby, a cause..make the time to do that 'service' in the community. Life is all about prioritization.

We are here to provide you the service time to volunteer at CareQuilts through YOUR precious time, your donations and your love to another soul undergoing cancer treatment in our community!

Check out all our new projects on our projects page. Share our website with your friends and families and spread the word about what we do!!

We will host block parties, workshops or have you work at your own pace while watching TV and your favorite shows in the convenience of your home.

Wishing each and everyone of you a warm and happy Thanksgiving!

PS: Did you know? Quilting and working with colors is a major 'stress-buster'.