Who is counting?

It is our 7th year of making quilts for our survivors and to-date we have made over 200 beautiful quilt tops, ranging in all colors imaginable!. We have received quilt tops from Quilters 4 Others-a group of wonderful women who give us fabric and pieced quilt tops.

Our labor of love has touched many hearts and comforted many..but again who is counting?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us, be it for an hour of free time in the convenience of your home, while watching TV, or lounging on your sofa! But again who is counting?

Well, we feel blessed that we can count on YOU to volunteer your time and efforts! As time goes by and we get busy in our journey of life...stop for a second to think? Yet again, count your blessings and stay blessed in helping us to put together another quilt.... someone is counting..on YOU!

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