CareQuilts and Color Therapy!

With our 7 year anniversary coming up, some of you may be wondering why the art of Quilting is so beneficial to those going through cancer treatment.

A big part of it, is the concept of Color Therapy. Essentially, different wavelengths of light are connected to different systems of the body, and when you come in contact with a certain color, your body can more efficiently heal that specific part of the body. For example, the color turquoise is linked to the immune system, and has also been found to stimulate the thymus gland to produce T-helper cells, which play a crucial role in the body's defense system. Other examples include the color pink, representing health, which can help to mentally strengthen a patient during a difficult time.

As you can imagine, the variety of colors and textures in quilts are a stark difference to looking and feeling the solid colors of chemo room sheets, which is why CareQuilts encourages the recipient to take her/his quilt to the chemo treatment room and also use it at their home on their lap.

Also, it is a great way for our volunteers to also work with colors and creative designs and it can bring out the creative juices in anyone who is willing to help!

We hope you learned a little more about why we do what we do, and as always feel free to contact us about volunteering opportunities!

Happy Quilting!!