Frequently Asked Questions

I want to volunteer my time for CareQuilts. Will you recognize my service hours? 

Yes! CareQuilts will provide service hours for any volunteering you do to help out our cause. It's a great opportunity for teens looking to make a real impact in the community while also obtaining some service hours for school!

I don't know anything about making quilts. Can I still volunteer for CareQuilts? 

We have volunteer activities for all skill levels! All you need is the willingness to provide your time in the service of others. Contact us today to see how you can make a meaningful contribution to your community!

My son/daughter's school is interested in helping your cause. Do you organize school events?

CareQuilts can organize a quilting workshop at your school if it is in the Los Angles area to educate children about this worthy cause. Young volunteers can learn how to tie quilts and make a true impact on the lives of those fighting cancer.

What can I donate to CareQuilts?

Care Quilts is thankful for any type of donating that comes our way. The most common forms are:

- Monetary Donations

- Your time to volunteer for us, including getting other friends involved.

If you have any other suggestions on how you can donate, contact us!